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Russell Mill Remodeling has been helping local clients on Boston’s South Shore and Cape Cod with their home remodeling projects for over a decade and we are thankful for their kind words.

“Before we contacted Russell Mill Remodeling we had variety of issues concerning our family home built in 1907. Though work had been done to its exterior years ago, it was again time to tackle a collapsing farmers porch, animal eroded fascia boards, a splintered wooden bulkhead and a storm door that unhinged in every East wind.

What R.M.R. was able to achieve began with a full inspection to determine the extent of repairs needed. Armed with this information we then discussed and prioritized the process, time line, material choices, permits, and any costs that would impact the bottom line. Advice was clear that in some instances we had a choice to repair or replace. We were apprised at every step if “this old house” posed an unforeseen need or budget adjustment. We are thrilled with the results- positively seamless!

Shane is a true Craftsman-exacting in every detail of his work. He maintains a clean and safe worksite and is respectful of the home owners’ property and time. He is extremely knowledgeable about the availability of materials and the suppliers he works with. We found Shane and his crew to be punctual and in contact with updates or changes to scheduling regarding materials or the weather. In Russell Mill Remodeling, you would be hiring a true professional and a gentleman. Shane works by the book, taking care of all the paperwork regarding estimates, permits and inspections. Their rates are clear, reasonable, and commensurate with the exceptional quality of their work.”

~Ann Donelan & Barry Towns

“We met Shane in 2012 when we were struggling with the space for our new refrigerator. Shane, with all his professional expertise and knowledge, retrofitted the cabinets beautify and seamlessly. Since then, we have hired Shane and the people at Russel Mill Remodeling for numerous projects around our home.

Shane is a quiet, young, laid back professional craftsman with a lot of knowledge and expertise. He’s friendly and a great person to work with. We consider him a friend and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

~Jane Scaccia

“I had an old non-conforming cottage on my property that was over 65 years. My goal was to add a second floor, bump out the kitchen and turn it into a comfortable, usable rental property. I wanted to salvage anything that was structurally sound and I wanted to approach the town to get the right permissions and permits required to do the job but not exceed what was reasonable and acceptable in the community.

The people at Russell Mill Remodeling were able to help me identify the foundation and parts of the first floor and existing materials that could either be reused or re-enforced to support the future house. They worked with me to get the right plot, house and other permitting plans and documents prepared to obtain the right permits and they helped me think thru the design of the final house to make sure it was feasible for the property and the building codes and rules of the town. Russell Mill Remodeling saw the job thru from start to finish; shoring up the foundation, finalizing the first and second floor design and plans, all the framing, coordinating all the associated plumbing, electrical, insulation and other work along the way and did all the finish work right thru to the occupancy permit. They guaranteed their work and made sure that all the different contractors efforts came together correctly.

Russell Mill Remodeling does quality work in a timely fashion. They helped me make good choices in the materials I used, good to better product as it made sense and better to best in areas where it had the most benefit and “bang for the buck”.

All town rules and permitting processes were followed and approved and the job was done on time.

I would strongly recommend Russell Mill Remodeling. They do high quality work at a fair price. They made sure I did not over spend or waste any materials along the way. They have excellent relationships with any/all other quality contractors in the area and are respected by the people they work with and the businesses they do business with.

Most jobs do not look the same when you are done, looking back over the original plan/schedule/budget. Russell Mill Remodeling made sure that as we moved thru the project good choices and timely choices were made to keep the job going while managing a lot of the things that you can not always control; material availability, approval process timeframes, weather etc. whatever curve came our way. I am pleased and proud of the work that was done and would call upon them again when the next opportunity came along.”

~Stuart Cerullo

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