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Duxbury is a quintessential, quaint New England town, with much of its charm owed to its many beautifully preserved captain’s homes and historic landmarks.

Initially settled by the Pilgrims, who established farmlands up the coastline from Plymouth to Marshfield in the 1600’s, the small colony morphed into a major hub for fishing and shipbuilding after the revolutionary war, when the nation acquired fishing rights to the Great Banks. By 1850, it boasted more than 20 shipyards building an average of 10 large ships a year, and resident Daniel Webster, who had become famous for his successful merchant fleet, was recognized as having the biggest shipping fleet in America, and constructed the biggest seafaring vessel built in New England at the time; a massive 880-ton ship called Hope.

More recently Duxbury has become known for its oyster beds and other shellfish, as well as its cranberries, beautiful beaches and unspoiled bay. Duxbury beach, with its ½ mile long wooden bridge, is arguably one of the most beautiful accessible beaches in New England.

To learn more about this area, please visit the town of Duxbury’s website here.

In the photo below you will see us restoring rake boards on an antique Duxbury cape.

Duxbury Trim Replacement

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